The wonderful world of tabby cats:

The wonderful world of tabby cats:

Tabby cats are a household staple. However, many people don’t know what makes them so appealing as an owner. While people often gravitate towards rare or unique cat coat variations, the temperament of tabby cats wins them the favor of many cat experts.


Fur Patterns

In terms of coat, tabby cats are born in a variety of colors and patterns. Below, you will see common tabby cat appearances from Refer to ASPCA’s article on tabby cats for more information.


There are now five different Tabby coat patterns, making many unique-looking Tabby cats to choose from as your companion!

Classic Tabby

The classic Tabby pattern is made up of whorls that create a shape resembling a target on the side of the cat. The classic Tabby is sometimes referred to as a “blotched Tabby.”


Mackerel Tabby

Mackerel Tabby cats have rings around their tails and legs and bands of solid or broken stripes around the rest of their body.


Spotted Tabby

Instead of having bands of stripes, spotted Tabby cats have bands of spots. The spots vary in size and resemble broken stripes similar to those of a mackerel Tabby.


Patched Tabby

Patched Tabbies have patches (hence the name) of dark or grayish brown and patches of red or orange with the Tabby pattern throughout both colors. They are often referred to as Tortoiseshell (or Tortie) Tabbies because the brown and orange spots are like those seen on the shell of a tortoise.


Ticked Tabby

You won’t see bands of stripes or spots on a ticked Tabby (otherwise known as Abyssinian Tabby or agouti Tabby cats), except possibly on their legs. But, if you look at their individual hairs closely, you’ll notice that each of them has bands of light and dark coloring.

Ticked Tabby cats also have the signature Tabby “M” on their head.


Will a tabby cat get along with children and other animals?

Common personality traits in tabby cats include intelligence, being vocal, calm, and laidback. In terms of children and animals, they are prone to being social and affectionate with those around them.


How much attention does a tabby cat need?

Well, in short, tabby cats are cuddly LOVE BUGS. They thrive on being involved in the daily lives of their humans and give just as much attention as they’d like to receive. If you want a cat to curl up in your arms after chasing the dot of a laser pointer for a good while…a tabby cat could be the kitty for you.





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